Prof. Dr. Odej Kao

Fellow | BIFOLD

Full Professor for Computer Science | Distributed and Operating Systems group at  Technische Universität Berlin

Chair | Einstein Center Digital Future

CIO | Technische Universität Berlin

Google Scholar

Technische Universität Berlin

School IV EECS

Distributed and Operating Systems Group

TEL 12-5

Ernst Reuter Platz 7

D-10587 Berlin

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Prof. Dr. Odej Kao

Research Interests

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • IT Management
  • Resource Management
  • AI-supported IT Operations
  • HPC

Awards and Honors

1995 DAAD Award for Study Achievements


  • Chairman Deutsches Forschugnsnetz (DFN)
  • State Advisory Board for Digitalization of the State of Berlin
  • TPC Parallel Computing
  • IEEE Transaction of Cloud Computing
  • IEEE Computer
  • IEEE Multimedia