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Job opportunities

BIFOLD welcomes job applications from interested parties year-round.

Ideal candidates are those who seek to challenge themselves academically, are passionate about data science and computer systems engineering, and possess expertise in Big Data analytics and Machine Learning, benchmarking, data science, scalable data management, scalable processing technologies that leverage hardware-based solutions, stream processing, or visual analytics.
In addition, you should have experience in two or more of the following: big data frameworks (e.g., Apache Flink, Apache Spark), database systems (e.g., SQL, NoSQL), and programming languages (e.g., Java, Javascript, Scala, C/C++, Python). Good knowledge of both German and English are strongly desired. However, at a minimum, candidates must be able to communicate in English.

If not stated otherwise in the job posting, job applications should be directed to coordination@bifold.berlin.
In general, applications must include a cover letter (specifying target position, and including the job reference number, when available), CV, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Note: Postdoctoral Researcher applicants must also provide examples of past publications.

Open positions (BIFOLD)
Postdoctoral Research Assistant (TU Berlin, Machine Learning)

Working field:
Development of machine learning approaches at the frontier between explainable AI (XAI), model validation, and complex systems. This includes collaboration with applied scientists (especially in medicine and digital humanities) to identify and refine relevant practical use cases, development of scalable machine learning / XAI solutions, and also contribution to the advancement of the foundations of XAI.

Employer: Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin – Faculty IV – Institute of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science – FG Machine Learning

Salary grade: E14 TV-L Berliner Hochschulen

Starting date: At the earliest possible

Closing date: 31/12/21

Reference number: IV-572/21

Full job posting: EN | DE

Open positions (BIFOLD partners)
Research Assistant (TU Berlin, Remote Sensing Image Analysis)

Working field:
Successful candidate will conduct research and develop advanced deep learning based algorithms for satellite image search/retrieval from large-scale data archives and semantic scene understanding. This will entail the development of novel deep learning models that can address the problems on incomplete, noisy and imbalanced training sets for image search, retrieval and classification.
Furthermore, the candidate is expected to publish/present the achieved research results and to mentor students at the BSc. and MSc. levels.

Employer: Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin – Faculty IV – Institute of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics / Remote Sensing Image Analysis

Salary grade: E 13 TV-L Berliner Hochschulen

Starting date: At the earliest possible

Closing date: 10/12/21

Reference number: IV-681/21

Full job posting: EN / DE