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BIFOLD Colloquium 26/7/2022

Machine learning in psychiatric neuroimaging

Title: Machine learning in psychiatric neuroimaging

Speaker: Prof. Janaina Mourao-Miranda, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC), Department of Computer Science, University College London

Date & time: July, 26, 2022, 2pm c.t.

Location: TU Berlin, MA, Stra├če des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin,

Room: MA 041

Abstract: Over the past years machine learning and artificial intelligence have hugely impacted many areas, including marketing, finance and medicine. These techniques can find hidden patterns in high dimensional and complex data enabling predictions not previously possible. Among all medical areas, psychiatry can potentially be the one that will be most transformed by artificial intelligence and machine learning due to the current lack of biomarkers. Advanced machine learning models that can combine information from neuroimaging techniques with complementary knowledge from clinical assessments and general patient information have the potential to identify reliable biological markers and improve patient stratification. In this talk, I will present some pioneering examples of machine learning applications for diagnosis and prognosis of psychiatric disorders based on neuroimaging and discuss the challenges faced by these applications. I will also discuss how machine learning models can help us to identifying key axes of covariation between brain and psychosocial variables which can improve our understanding of mental health variability across the general population and bring new insights on prevention and treatment of mental health disorders.