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BIFOLD Colloquium 2022/02/14

Apache Flink – From Academia into the Apache Software Foundation and Beyond

Speaker: Dr. Fabian Hüske

Venue: Virtual event

Time and Date: 4:00 pm, 14 February

Registration: If you are interested in participating, please contact: coordination@bifold.berlin


Apache Flink is a project with a very active, supportive, and continuously growing community. For several years in a row, Flink has been among the top ten projects of the Apache Software Foundation with the most traffic on user and development activity. Looking back, Flink started as a research prototype developed by three PhD students at TU Berlin in 2009. In 2014, the developers donated the code base to the ASF and joined the newly founded Apache Flink incubator project. Within three years, Flink grew into a healthy project and gained a lot of momentum. Now, almost 8 years later, the community is still growing and actively developing Flink. Moreover, it has established itself in the industry as a standard tool for scalable stream and batch processing.

In this presentation, Fabian Hüske will discuss Flink’s journey from an academic research project to one of the most active projects of the Apache Software Foundation. He will talk about the academic roots of the project, how the original developers got introduced to the ASF, Flink’s incubation phase, and how its user community and developer base evolved after it graduated and became an ASF top-level project. The talk will focus on the decisions, efforts, and circumstances that helped to grow a vital and welcoming open source community

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Fabian Hüske is a software engineer working on streaming things at Snowflake. He is a PMC member of Apache Flink and one of the three original authors of the Stratosphere research system, from which Apache Flink was forked in 2014. Fabian is a co-founder of data Artisans (now Ververica), a Berlin-based startup devoted to fostering Flink. He holds a PhD in computer science from TU Berlin and is the author of “Stream Processing with Apache Flink”.